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Personal training is structured to maximize your results and suit your personal goal, upcoming event or a particular sport, whilst keeping focused on perfect form, keeping safe, and avoiding injury.

Motivation and accountability is ongoing support and a key ingredient for you to make the best progress, so you can achieve your best every session.

Initially you will need a consultation which is completely free, and there is no obligation to sign up.

1:1 PT

Is exactly that, one to one sessions. Using specialist knowledge and experience you will be guided through a program designed specifically for you, meeting you where you’re currently at. Your program will ensure progress, helping you achieve your goal, be that weight loss, weight gain, recovery from injury, or other body issues, delivered in a safe, effective, and professional manner.


Sharing your session with a friend or partner is great for couples and friends who like to do things together. Both clients will be participating in the same exercises which will be adapted to meet individual abilities whilst maximizing results. With the bonus of keeping the cost down!


Delivering the personal touch, with all clients taking part in the same specific exercises but adapted to be safe and suite all abilities whilst remaining challenging. Small group PT is a more cost-effective way of receiving the benefits of that personal touch.

If you feel this is the right course of action for you, you will then need to complete a standard requirement medical questionnaire, a PAR-Q, which is a physical activity readiness form.

It’s to make sure you receive the right training, especially if you have any medical conditions.
I work with a lot of clients who have various disabilities and conditions, so you will be in professional, safe and experienced hands.
If it is necessary, post your initial consultation, I will work in partnership with your GP, Consultant or Physiotherapist, (accompanied by a referral letter).

I will ensure you get the right exercises at the correct intensity, and safely executed at all times with a specific programme tailored to your individual needs, adhering to medical advice received, so as to achieve your desired goal, with safety first!

Please don’t worry about your current ability or level of fitness, I will always meet you where you are at, with flexible adaptations, with suitable and appropriate progression to get you from where you are to where you want to be.


My services are about Change Work; I work with the many parts of us that make us human, the parts that get stuck and overwhelmed because of life's troubles and stresses, the traumas and losses which can then lead into self-sabotage, discomfort, pain and illness.

Truthfully, my work only helps those who seek answers and solutions that can bring relief from suffering, those that take action in order to change whatever is not working for them, what they’re not happy about.

If you’re reading this, consider…You may be that person!
It really isn’t for those who want to remain in their story, because the story is what keeps us stuck!

It's for those that want to find a way out of emotional and physical pain, have hit a roadblock, a setback, lost their drive, experienced emotional or physical traumatic events and despite genuinely wanting to move forward, find they just can't get over the wall, it's a bit too high to climb without a guide offering some professional help and support!

If this sounds like you, and you want to move forward, you want to grow beyond where you are, you want to overcome and climb over your wall, then I may just be the right guide for you!
I am passionate and dedicated about what I do; I will hold you accountable every step of the way…

I am a heart centered professional therapist and coach and I approach all my clients with compassion, sensitivity and care.

I care about your journey; I care about your absolute well-being.

Dedicated To Your Success!



I’d love to have a conversation to discuss the support you need and how I can help you with that.
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