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Life Coaching is just one of the additional tools that makes me a PERSONAL TRAINER WITH A DIFFERENCE!

You may think you know what your goal is, but sometimes you keep your goals small without realising it. If you were to ask yourself “What do I really want?” and if your real want wasn’t money, time, other people, or situation dependent, you will find that actually, you have much bigger desires, much bigger goals.

Coaching enables you to uncover those true goals, true desires, but in a way that doesn’t fill you with all the fears, which usually show up as reasons and justifications as to why you can’t realise them, and so dismiss them.

People are resourceful, ‘you’ are resourceful. You have such inner wisdom, ideas and solutions of how you ‘could’ achieve your true goals and desires, you just need a little help clearing the pathway find to them.

So, I won’t be barking orders at you about what you should or shouldn’t be doing, should or shouldn’t be eating.

My role as a coach is to be an aid, a facilitator, helping you bring out the best way for you, from you.

We will address any lifestyle issues that may be standing between you and your goals, be they weight loss, health, fitness, personal, career or business, and enable you to identify behaviour change solutions from within, helping you to overcome those triggers that lead you to making unhealthy and detrimental choices.


  • 1 hr Private Life Coaching
  • 2 hr Private Life Coaching


Within the 12 Week program, and in addition to the initial 1:1 consultation, there will be small group motivational and nutritional coaching sessions, 1:1 motivational and accountability calls.

Sometimes people tend to focus on problems and difficulties, what they can’t do, what can’t be done, all the things that they feel would get in the way, all the obstructions to their goals.

But people really are very smart and resourceful and posses their own inner wisdom, the answers and solutions which help them achieve their desires and goals but are hidden inside.

Coaching is a structured and objective technique, asking the right questions, powerful questions, which enable the client to discover ‘their own solutions’, ‘their own answers’ to find ‘their’ best way forward, rather than being given advice or being dictated to about what they must do and how to do it.

Within the coaching element there is also the very important role of accountability. Research has evidenced people are more likely to achieve their goals when holding themselves accountable in some way.

This will be done through agreed regular motivational contact by Nora via text, phone and social media, both personal and within the private group.

*This entirely depends on the clients complete 100% commitment and dedication to themselves and taking the action steps they agree to and sign up for.

ADDITIONAL BENEFITS INCLUDE: 50% OFF ENTRY FEE to Educational Workshops/Seminars – Access to Small Group PT Club (postgraduates only) – Closed Activ8Change Champions Face Book Group – 1:1 ½ hr PT (postgraduates only)


My services are about Change Work; I work with the many parts of us that make us human, the parts that get stuck and overwhelmed because of life's troubles and stresses, the traumas and losses which can then lead into self-sabotage, discomfort, pain and illness.

Truthfully, my work only helps those who seek answers and solutions that can bring relief from suffering, those that take action in order to change whatever is not working for them, what they’re not happy about.

If you’re reading this, consider…You may be that person!
It really isn’t for those who want to remain in their story, because the story is what keeps us stuck!

It's for those that want to find a way out of emotional and physical pain, have hit a roadblock, a setback, lost their drive, experienced emotional or physical traumatic events and despite genuinely wanting to move forward, find they just can't get over the wall, it's a bit too high to climb without a guide offering some professional help and support!

If this sounds like you, and you want to move forward, you want to grow beyond where you are, you want to overcome and climb over your wall, then I may just be the right guide for you!
I am passionate and dedicated about what I do; I will hold you accountable every step of the way…

I am a heart centered professional therapist and coach and I approach all my clients with compassion, sensitivity and care.

I care about your journey; I care about your absolute well-being.

Dedicated To Your Success!



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