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If you’ve been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, you don’t need me to remind you of all the agonising and debilitating, life changing symptoms, so I won’t.

What I will say is that having been diagnosed almost a decade ago, I get you! Until earlier this year (2019), I was still dependent on a mobility scooter and walking stick.

Along with all the horrendous, never ending symptoms and flare ups, suffered the embarrassment and indignity of having people stare or dismiss me as if I wasn’t entitled to be on the planet.

What I can say is I can offer you hope, I have finally achieved recovery!


This is why I have designed the 12 week FIBRO FOXTROT OSCAR programme. It’s a unique programme to help others who have simply had enough and want a life again.

Here’s the thing…
It’s NOT for the feint hearted, it’s NOT for those that want to linger with the label.


If you are serious, if you want to move beyond this moment in your life, if you want to be pain free, have a clear mind, engage in activities that bring you joy, participate fully in life again, but with purpose and a renewed love of life…

This just might be the programme for you!

Be prepared though, it will poke current beliefs and painful emotions, elicit repressed anger and knock on the door of your ego!

However, Activ8Change will support you throughout your journey, safely from a heart centred space with compassion, care, empathy and kindness.

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Fibromyalgia Treatment


My services are about Change Work; I work with the many parts of us that make us human, the parts that get stuck and overwhelmed because of life's troubles and stresses, the traumas and losses which can then lead into self-sabotage, discomfort, pain and illness.

Truthfully, my work only helps those who seek answers and solutions that can bring relief from suffering, those that take action in order to change whatever is not working for them, what they’re not happy about.

If you’re reading this, consider…You may be that person!
It really isn’t for those who want to remain in their story, because the story is what keeps us stuck!

It's for those that want to find a way out of emotional and physical pain, have hit a roadblock, a setback, lost their drive, experienced emotional or physical traumatic events and despite genuinely wanting to move forward, find they just can't get over the wall, it's a bit too high to climb without a guide offering some professional help and support!

If this sounds like you, and you want to move forward, you want to grow beyond where you are, you want to overcome and climb over your wall, then I may just be the right guide for you!
I am passionate and dedicated about what I do; I will hold you accountable every step of the way…

I am a heart centered professional therapist and coach and I approach all my clients with compassion, sensitivity and care.

I care about your journey; I care about your absolute well-being.

Dedicated To Your Success!



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